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Geraldo Lamego

Arquiteto, nascido em Campos dos Goytacazes, veio para o Rio para cursar a Faculdade Nacional de Arquitetura da Universidade do Brasil. Depois de formado foi para a França e lá permaneceu durante cinco anos, trabalhando no “Atelier d'Urbanisme” da Prefeitura de Paris, além de cursar urbanismo na “Sorbonne” e feitos cursos sobre arte em geral e desenho artístico na “Academia Julien”. Voltando ao Brasil, trabalhou como arquiteto - urbanista e, finalmente, se dedicou a arquitetura de interiores.
Hoje é um dos mais renomados profissionais da área, com trabalhos no Rio diversos estados do país e exterior. Com estilo próprio e marcante, procura sempre o contemporâneo, o moderno, sem se deixar levar por modismos. Como ótimo desenhista, se dedica às artes plásticas, principalmente à pintura, embora muito conhecido por seus retratos à "grafite” e bico de pena.
Participou da exposição Contacto Paris 2011, na Galerie Everarts, França.

Architect, born in the city of Campos, came to Rio to attend the National School of Architecture at the University of Brazil. After graduation he went to France and remained there for five years, working on the "Atelier d'Urbanisme" in the City of Paris, in addition to attending urbanism at "Sorbonne" and ​​courses on art in general and Artistic Design in the "Academie Julien ". Returning to Brazil, he worked as an urbanist -architect , and finally devoted himself to interior architecture.
Today is one of the most renowned professionals with works in Rio, other several states of his country and abroad. With striking-style and always contemporary, modern, without succumbing to fashion-styles. As a great designer, is dedicated to the arts, especially painting, although well known for his portraits of "graphite" and nankin.
Participated in the exhibitionContacto Paris 2011” at the Galerie Everarts, France
Amanda Dolan

I am drawn to avant-garde and mixed media art because it is mysterious and multi-layered. I find my inspiration in day to day things. Stuff like Rock ‘n’ Roll, true love, how the sidewalk glitters in the sun; those type of things.

Most of the themes in my paintings are women related. I like to put a feminine twist into my work. I am always looking to capture the inside of a woman's’ heart and mind. I really feel like we should celebrate the fact that women can be strange and chaotic- thats what makes them beautiful and courageous. My pieces are chaotic, pretty and scary, happy and sad- all the emotions we go through on an average day. I am not concerned with perfection- its more about capturing an emotion in time- a flash of thought.

I use vibrant colors with dark imagery to shock and confuse the viewer. What I do through collage, is make each subject relatable to the next; therefore letting the viewer see my pieces in a different light.

To me, art is here to conjure up our emotions, to unleash our inner demons, to challenge and inspire us. And if my work lets just one person walk away with a new idea or feeling, then i've done my job


Paintings by Aissata Pinto da Costa have universal appeal: they speak to all people regardless of race or religion. A true citizen of the world, Aissata has lived in 6 countries, traveled to 50 nations and speaks 5 languages fluently. Her paintings have been exhibited at venues including Marymount Manhattan College and The Steuben Glass Gallery New York, NY. She has garnered the attention of art-lovers world-wide, and has an international collector base.
From her many years as a model in Paris, she developed an interest in fabrics, textiles, patterns and the form of the human body, all of which are expressed in her art. An autodidact, Aissata has taught herself many skills and continually experiments with new techniques and materials. When she was unable to locate African-style dishes, she opted to paint a line of her own by hand. Her collections were discovered and produced by the Portuguese tableware house, Vista Alegre, to great success.
Painting on large canvases is strenuous work, and Aissata feels an affinity for those who channel raw energy through their bodies (musicians, athletes and dancers). Exercising daily, she brings the concepts of discipline, physical activity, strength and joy to inform her artistic practice. Running, cycling and practicing yoga and pilates are ways Aissata stays connected to her own body and the physicality of the figures she paints on her canvases.
Megg Hai

Formada pela Escola Nacional de Belas Artes, vem desenvolvendo desde 2005 um trabalho em Arte Naif, retratando pontos turísticos da cidade do Rio de Janeiro. Suas pinturas têm sido bastante adquiridas por turistas de diversas partes do mundo.

Graduated from National School of Fine Arts (Brasil), has been developing since 2005 a work in  Art Naif, showning famous sights of the city of Rio de Janeiro. His paintings have been widely purchased by tourists from different parts of the world.

Eward Colarik

Edward Colarik

Jane Bastos
Jane Bastos, nasceu no Rio de Janeiro e desde a infância gostava de desenhar, pintar aquarelas e esculpir pequenas esculturas em madeira, desenvolvendo o gosto pelas artes.
Formou-se em Historia Natural, Bacharel em Ciências Biológicas e pós-graduação em Biologia Ambiental, área que atua desde 1975, na luta pela preservação do meio ambiente.
Paralelamente à carreira pública, a paixão pela arte e pela natureza a direcionou a vários ateliers de pintura como forma de aperfeiçoamento para melhor registrar a beleza da fauna e flora, revelando toda a sua criatividade em várias técnicas em óleo sobre tela, acrílica sobre tela e técnica mista, em fase figurativa e figurativa abstracionada.
Frequentou cursos de História da Arte, workshops com renomados nomes das Artes Plásticas, vem buscando tendências e se aperfeiçoando, buscando sua individualidade e seu espaço.

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